I’ve enjoyed cars and racing since I was very young. My first car was a low-mileage Toyota MR2 Turbo, and I spent an absurd abount of time on the MR2 forums in high school and college Learning as much as I could about every aspect of maintaining and modifying MR2s. I later bought a Mazda Miata. I autocrossed both and drove the MR2 at a few track days.

While I was in school at Georgia Tech, I joined a club called Wreck Racing that builds budget race cars for a competition put on by Grassroots Motorsports Magazine. I held the role of Vice President one year and Lead Engineer the next. I had a blast working on the supercharged V8 Miata and turbocharged inline-six MG Midget.

During my last year at school, I volunteered with a few other amateur racers to get more experience with other types of racing, make more contacts and learn more in general.

After school, I joined a NASCAR team as a race engineer and went on the road almost full-time for a few years.