NB Miata

Miata autocrossing


I bought a 2002 Miata while at Georgia Tech. It was a fun car to drive around Atlanta at night with the top down.

The convertible top was ripped when I bought it, so one of the first projects I did was to replace it. I had little experience with upholstery, so this was an interesting challenge but not too bad overall.

Later, the pilot bearing went bad, so I replaced the clutch. The Miata is surprisingly easy to work on, and parts are cheap and readily available. This job was relatively easy and quick.

Miata transmission removed for clutch replacement | Bad pilot bearing on right


The Miata is a great car to toss around, and I enjoyed competing with other Wreck Racing students in a few autocrosses we held during my time there. I also took part in a few SCCA-sanctioned autocrosses at Turner Field during that time.

Miata autocrossing


Unfortunately, the convertible top was cut by someone when they robbed the car in my apartment complex a year into my time at HScott Motorsports after college. I replaced it with a hard top this time. I liked the look of the car with the hard top and wish I had taken some pictures of it during that time.