MR2 Turbo



The first car I bought was a Toyota MR2 Turbo. I found a well-maintained, low-mileage 1991 model and over the several years I owned it, I learned a lot about cars by fixing it, installing a few modifications, and becoming very active on the MR2 owner’s club forum. I got my first experience at everything from cam timing to reading OBD-I codes to replacing the retractable antenna mast and resurfacing the exhaust manifold to fix a pesky leak.

MR2 interior


Some of the modifications I did were replacing the intake and exhaust systems, installing a manual boost controller and fuel-cut “defencer” to raise the boost up to 15 psi, replacing the front lip, and installing wheels from the 1993 MR2.

MR2 engine bay

MR2 engine bay


I drove the car on track a few times and at a few autocross events. I also ran it on the dyno before and after the engine mods.

MR2 on track
MR2 at Atlanta Motorsports Park

I also went on a “mountain run” once with some other local MR2 owners.

MR2s parked at an overlook
Parked at a mountain overlook